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I’m happy to tell you the news that our company will sold our new products soon, this time we will sold 2 kinds of headphone(h-BT600 And 2), they are both wireless headphone, h-BT600 is in-ear wireless TV headphone, mainly for family use, with Bluetooth and signal projector,it can not only link to TV,but also link to your other equipment such as: Smart Phone/MP3/Computer/Radio and so on ;h-BT602 is in-ear wireless earbuds, this earphone is widely use, with a potable charger box, you can carry the headphones easily to anywhere, especially when you have a trip or camping, you needn’t worry about your traveling bag will be in a mess because of too many cables, and you also needn’t worry about your blue tooth r buds doesn’t work because out of power.



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Post time: Sep-12-2017
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